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Story Submission Guidelines

Traveling Adventures with Children™ wants your stories to encourage others to travel with children. We are looking for true and original works that have not been previously published. We will consider previously published stories if you let us know where and when the story was published and grant us the rights to use it.

250 to 1,200 words.

Clear and large, subjects not too far away.

Permissions Form
Required to be signed before publication.

Include your personal information: Name, address, phone, fax and email on each page.
You may submit more than one article or story. Please submit each story only once.

Traveling Adventures With Children currently does not provide any monetary compensation for editorial contributions, but will be happy to add your byline.

You may submit a story by using the form below. The best way to paste your story is to use keyboard shortcuts. Please press Ctrl-V on a PC or Cmd -V on a Mac: