Tortilla Jo’s Offers Impeccable Family Dining in Downtown Disney

by Carmel L. Mooney

One might not expect an impeccable dining experience at a casual eatery in Downtown Disney but be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

At Tortilla Jo’s, first comes freshness. What struck us most was the quality and flavor of the food and that is accomplished first by freshness. The hand-made tortillas, both corn and flour, as well as the pico de gallo and guacamole are all made fresh right in front of your eyes and the flavors are outstanding.

I ordered the Pork Carnitas and they were moist and succulent and delicious. My husband had the steak burrito. It was huge and delightful down to the last bite.

Our tween daughter had a ginormous burrito which was spectacular.

Hubby and I tried two of their signature margaritas. The pomegranate one was wonderful and not overly sweet so the fresh flavors popped. The spicy cucumber margarita, known as Spicy Mamacita, had unusual but delightful flavors and was a treat. Enrique, the manager, suggested it and I was glad to have followed his lead. Both margaritas were great but the spicy one was memorable. It was unique and fun.

And by the way, their specialty drink menu is astounding with handcrafted margaritas of all types as well as mojitos, sangria, and non-alcoholic specialties too.

Our bubbly and gracious and very attentive waitress Debbie had suggested the Carnitas and had promised they were as good as her mother made so now I assume her mom was one heck of a cook. Debbie also suggested we try the deep-fried ice cream. She said it was superb. Again, she was right on the money. I have had fried ice cream at numerous restaurants and while it’s not my favorite dessert, I was willing to try it since Debbie had not steered us wrong so far.

Tortilla Jo's restaurant ceiling

Wow, the deep-fried ice cream was incredible! The coating was cake-y and laden with cinnamon sugar, rich and delicious, while the whole little masterpiece sat nestled on a bed of mini bunuelos-like wafers.

You can feel the rich culture and Mexican traditions as soon as you walk in the door and it just continues with the entire dining experience.

They offer an excellent kids’ menu with healthy choices to choose from like vegetable burritos, grilled chicken breast, fresh fruit, and even smoothies.

There is something to please everyone at Tortilla Jo’s whether you choose the dining room, terrace, or balcony. It’s perfect for an outstanding lunch, memorable dinner, or even just a quick snack to go while enjoying the Disney parks for the holidays. This is no taco joint; prepare to be impressed! We were wowed.

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Carmel L. Mooney is the editor of Road Trips for Couples

Serving freshly made guacamole at Tortilla Jo's