Safe Skies Locks

by Carmel Moody

Frustrated that you went from locking your family’s luggage to leaving it unlocked because TSA officials began prohibited luggage locks?

safe skies approved lockStressed that luggage theft continues to be on the rise? There’s enough to stress out about when making your travel plans and in getting from point A to point B, so now here’s the solution.

Finally Safe Skies offers TSA accepted and recognized Luggage Locks, which means one less thing to add to your worry list when voyaging.

These nifty luggage locks, with their special torch symbol, allow TSA baggage screeners a way to easily identify, open, inspect, and re-lock your luggage. They are the only locks protected by two US patents. Better yet, they are thoroughly accepted and recognized by both TSA and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs of the United Kingdom.

In addition to the torch alerting TSA officials that they can inspect your luggage without destroying the locks, each lock comes with a special TSA code. Every TSA location can use this code making inspection possible without clipping.

In the unlikely event that TSA did clip your lock, you can return the locks to Safe Skies, and they will replace them free of charge. Now that’s something to write home about.

Safe skies offer a large selection of fun colors, designs, and patterns to meet the needs of everyone in your family and they come with a lifetime warranty and hassle-free return policy.

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Carmel Moody is the editor of Road Trips for Couples