Airline Seating

by Mardie Caldwell

When booking your travel flight online, choose your seat by first visiting Seat Guru, the Enlightened Guide to Airline Seating to learn more about your seating options, what flight amenities are available, and classes of service for your flight. Click on your airline carrier and plane model and take a look at the full view of your flight’s seating.

seat in an airlineLearn How to Avoid:

  1. Noisy areas.
  2. Limited legroom.
  3. Cramped areas.

Learn to Take Advantage of:

  1. Extra legroom.
  2. Full reclining seats.
  3. Pre-boarding perks when traveling with children.

When traveling with children, always take along quiet lap toys and finger foods for your little one, along with gum and snacks for adults. Remember to put on Sea Bands™ (children or adult-sized) to avoid motion sickness, especially in children that have never traveled by plane. If traveling overseas be sure and check with your physician and/or pediatrician to make sure you have had the proper inoculations to keep you and your children as healthy as possible.

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