3 Ideas for the Perfect Family Reunion

by Mardie Caldwell

Getting together with family members that you haven’t seen in a long time can be a wonderful, enjoyable experience. Many people remember the old-time family reunions that were boring and basic, but these days there are all different kinds of options to have the perfect family reunion at interesting locations. Instead of meeting for a cookout at the park, consider some of these unique ideas for your next family reunion.

One great family reunion gathering spot is a cruise ship. You can imagine the huge amounts of fun that a family can have experiencing a cruise together. From the unending food buffets to the unique sightseeing destinations, a family reunion on a cruise ship can be a ton of fun. There is plenty to keep everyone entertained including Vegas-style shows and dance clubs. Another great thing about going on a cruise is that everyone still gets to do things that they’re interested in while also being with the family the whole time. No one has to worry about cooking or making all the preparations as the cruise ship staff will take care of everything including the clean-up!

Our family from across the country enjoyed a cruise together. We got to spend so much time together talking, sharing the destinations, and simply having the fun together, the type of fun we hadn’t had since we were children. Since everyone had their own cabins, they could come and go from the activities as they wanted and not worry about traveling back and forth via car to participate.

family reunion in RVsAnother great idea for the perfect family reunion is renting a vacation home. If you like the beach, for instance, you could rent a large, luxurious vacation home for the entire family. Everyone can share in the grocery expenses to feed the entire group for several days while you enjoy each other and the beach. Being able to have a reunion at any vacation spot will provide family members with wonderful memories. There are many locations you can look into. The beach is just one option.

Finally, another unique destination for a family reunion is camping or renting a cabin at a national or state park. This can be as involved as you make it. For instance, you can do old-style camping with a rustic cabin or even tents. Or, you can rent a very nice log home in the mountains and enjoy the quaint atmosphere with your family. Not everyone loves the idea of “roughing it” in the outdoors, so make sure that your first priority is the comfort of all of your family members. Plus, if you have any elderly family members who wouldn’t be able to camp out, having a cabin is a wonderful compromise.

One year we went caravanned with our RVs. Those who didn’t have RVs rented a tent-trailer or similar vehicle. We traveled backroads together, exploring family birthplaces and destinations important to our history that some of us had never seen before. It was a treasured trip for young and old alike!

Planning the perfect family reunion means different things to different people. The main idea is to get to see family members that you don’t always get to be around and enjoy their company. The location really should be a secondary consideration. However, many people don’t get to travel a lot, so it makes sense to try to build as many memories as you can. You can make it a yearly event where all of the family gets together in a new and exciting location. Plus, changing the location from time to time allows family members who may live further away to be involved in the reunion as well.

Talk to members of your family and do an informal poll. You can do this by phone, in person, via email, or even just on Facebook. Getting your family members involved will excite them about the possibilities and allow them to actively participate in the success of your time together.

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Mardie Caldwell is the Founder of Lifetime Adoption. Mardie is the host of the popular Internet Talk Radio Show, Let’s Talk Adoption, and the author of AdoptingOnline.com -Your Internet Adoption Resource Guide, and numerous articles on adoption, parenting, and financing. She is an adoptive mother, married with 4 children.