Sago, A Very Special Service Dog, Book Review

by Carmel L. Mooney
Sago, a very special service dog book cover

As a homeschooling family, one of the very reasons we travel is to experience new locations and cultures and broaden our view of the world around us and learn about and appreciate the lives of others.

Part of this exciting educational process of travel for us is studying about places and people before we ever leave home as well as when we return.

Many times we stumble onto a special place, a special person, or a unique perspective during one of our travels and this opens the door for a “learning moment”.

Whether you travel far or near to home, you and your family are sure to come in contact with service dogs and disabled individuals of all ages. This has the potential to be one of those learning moments. Understanding, compassion, and education are key to our children embracing the differences we all have and the challenges that many people face in all locations of the world.

Recently a lovely book for children has been released that helps children to understand one of the many facets of a disabled person’s life, and one that we often discover in our travels and while out in public.

Sago, A Very Special Service Dog, written by Beth Davis and illustrated by Deborah Schilling, is a breath of fresh air and a pleasure to discover.

This lovely children’s book is a much needed and delightfully illustrated story that educates and entertains children and the public about the special bond between a very special service dog and its handler.

As more and more individuals are turning to the assistance of a service dog, it is becoming increasingly imperative that the public become educated and informed about what a service dog is and what one does for a disabled person. What better way than to begin with children?

In an entertaining, non-threatening, and tender manner, this books shows families how and why a service dog is so vital to the livelihood of someone challenged by a disability. It demonstrates the various types of service dogs as well as offers valuable insight into proper etiquette around these amazing animals and their human counterparts.

Author Beth Davis is the founder of Pawsative Tales, Inc. a non-profit exclusively committed to enriching the lives of disabled individuals by providing funds for training and placement of service dogs.

This book is a wonderful resource for any library or home collection and should be shared, discussed, and enjoyed by families and educators alike.

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Carmel L. Mooney is a travel columnist, author and radio talk show host. She is the editor of Road Trips for Couples. Her family travel column can be read in California Kids Magazine at: She states: “This product review was made possible by Pawsative Tales. I was not compensated for this review other than a product sample(s) provided. All opinions are entirely my own.”